The Theory Test

The driving theory and hazard perception test is the first hurdle on the road to your licence. A copy of the highway code and a copy of the dvd driving test success are in my opinion, the best tools to use. Other useful resources can be found in most bookshops or from and as your driving instructor I am always willing to help.

To book your driving theory and hazard perception test

Book online at When taking the test you will need to take your provisional driving licence card and counterpart.

The Practical Test

Your lessons will teach you to drive independently, to assess problems and to progress safely, as well as to execute any manoeuvre the examiner asks of you. A wide range of resources are used to aid your understanding of manoeuvres and to safely tackle different road layouts.

On the day of your test, you will book a session of 2 hours. This will give you time to prepare for the test, and will include the test itself. During your test, your instructor can ride in the car with you and the examiner, providing a reassuring presence for you. You will need to bring your provisional driving licence card and counterpart, as well as your theory test pass certificate.

You can book your practical test online at

From October 2010, the driving practical test will involve 10 minutes of independent driving, for more information on the changes visit

Pass Plus

Passed your driving test?

Now is the time to improve on your driving skills. The Pass Plus course is designed to give you confidence in all driving situations.

The course is a minimum of six hours, and the good news there's no test at the end. You will receive a certificate from the DSA, confirming that the course has been passed. As a bonus, some insurance companys will offer you a discount on your insurance!

The course is seperated into the following lessons:

  • Module 1: Introduction and Town Driving
  • Module 2: All-Weather Driving
  • Module 3: Out of Town Driving and Rural Roads
  • Module 4: Night Driving
  • Module 5: Dual Carriageways
  • Module 6: Motorways

For more information on the Pass Plus scheme see

JDS Driving School offers pass plus courses in both Darlington and Stockton.

Pass Plus Courses in Darlington

Darlington is a busy town with lots of tight roads and because of the train station, creates a lot of night time traffic. Pass Plus in Darlington will help with these skills. If you need pass plus for your insurance or indeed pass plus for you own piece of mind then please contact us today for Pass Plus prices for Darlington.

Pass Plus Courses in Stockton

We also offer Pass Plus courses in Stockton. Whether it's night time driving, all weather driving or a mixture including motorway driving and all the Pass Plus elements then please contact us about Pass Plus prices and availability.

Refresher Courses

Not driven for a while?

Had a scare on the roads?

Struggle to park your car?

A few hours alongside a qualified driving instructor could give you the confidence you need to get back on the roads. Whatever your problem, tuition can be tailored to you, so you get the experience you need to overcome your worries.

For more information about how I can help call: 07886 773569 or email

Extra Training

JDS Driving School can offer you further training in the area's listed below:

  • Motorway Driving (not covered in your basic training)
  • Nighttime driving (passed your test in the summer! not covered in your basic training)
  • All weather driving (how to drive when the weather turns against you)

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us to discuse your needs.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us regarding any of our services using the following details:

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07886 773569


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